Each piece of artwork will be quoted individually.  It does not necessarily follow that larger pieces will cost more, but depends more on the complexity of the piece.

I will advice on suitable background colours for each commission, and choose with the clients interior colour scheme in mind.

As the artist I reserve the right to create prints from commissioned works unless specifically requested not to by the client.  This may be reflected in the cost of the work/s.


"Small boy"
"Small boy" - pastel on paper


Dora in frame
A slightly more unusual request!         - Acrylic on canvas


Smurf in frame

"Smurf" - Acrylic on canvas


Buddy in frame
"Buddy"- Acrylic on canvas


Bella in frame
"Bella" - Acrylic on canvas


Tyger in frame
"Tyger Artemis Muscrat" - Acrylic on canvas


BetsieBoo in frame
"BetsieBoo"  - Acrylic on canvas


Colin&Mia in frame
"Colin & Mia"  - Acrylic on canvas